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10x increase in customer feedback and 3x faster in service recovery.

“All we had to do was create a feedback form online, and place a couple of posters in the restaurant and in under 30 days, we were starting to witness a 10x increase in customer feedback!”

Augustinus Wijaya, Operations Manager
Ginza Bairin Singapore

10x increase in customer feedback and ability to pinpoint exact areas of issues.

“triibe has definitely made a very big and positive impact here at Baci. We are now receiving much more feedback, and we are able to put the customers’ voice at the center of everything that we do.”

Sandra Lim, Marketing Manager
Baci Italian Cafe

Case Studies

- Using triibe in all 30+ restaurants
- Saved more than 100hrs monthly managing feedback
- Share restaurant performance report with all outlet managers
- Formulate training materials with triibe feedback data
- Respond to all customer feedback within 24hrs
- Compare performance across multiple restaurant outlets
- Benchmarking against industry averages
- Utilize feedback data to optimize marketing campaigns
- Elicit >500 feedback monthly at retail point-of-sales
- Monitor service staff performance and award top performers
- Established in-house measurement metrics and monitor monthly feedback performance
- Use triibe to collect feedback and reward customers
- Encourage return visits by addressing customers concerns promptly
- Improve service standards and salon equipments based on aggregated feedback data

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